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Shady Beach promotes the idea that glasses chains are the accessory you never knew you needed. We up-cycle fishing line found on the British coast line to create our colourful bespoke 'Shady Cords'. 
The idea of creating fun sunglasses chains came from our ability to continuously misplace our sunglasses, hence these cords are a funky, colourful and original solution to a problem I am sure we are all party to!
The  experience has opened our eyes to the world of business and has taught us so much, we are now extremely driven by our passion for jewellery and sustainability. We are constantly looking to better ourselves and our brand on the impact we have on the environment, and this brand has been an outlet for us to do exactly this whilst being creative and learning new skills each day.
With sustainability being a focal point, we have been looking to new ways to decrease the impact of our brand. Such as, scavenging the local charity shops  and reusing unwanted jewellery in our Shady Cords. We have implemented 'No Waste Sales' once a month to try to reduce our waste by remaking and reshaping discontinued designs or products. 
We personally are looking forward to expanding and seeing where this brand will  takes us. We have been given so many great opportunities so far, who knows where we shall be this time next year! 

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